Unhappy Tesla Client Gets their Attention!

This week we have heard rumble on the topic of Tesla in hot water! A claim that the car manufacturer has stolen a vehicle from a client. The interest on the topic was growing from the headline on the upset customers blog he publiched following the incident. How Mr. Elon Musk Stole My Vehicle. It got our attention. As you may guess, though, it’s less than that easy.

This can be a fundamental backstory: Guy orders from the tesla ordering program or the already pre-stocked inventory program, guy waits for vehicle to arrive, guy never will get Model S, guy is frequently overlooked by Tesla staff. Until he finally will get right through to someone plus they simply tell him the embarrassing truth. The vehicle he’d selected out was really reserved for internal use before it got offered. And Elon Musk themself was utilizing it to try out the most recent iteration of autopilot. He thinks Tesla prevented his calls simply because they did not understand how to break this news.

So Musk did not really steal anything, a minimum of this is not on purpose. It had been an easy mistake within an orderign system and or a data entry on the part of a human error. Whenever you consider it, it’s type of surprising from a company full of computer systems and technology that’s attempting to alter the way use and employ cars.

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