2014 Audi B8 S4 Launch Control

Today we were browsing around on the audi forums and we came across a video that highlights how to perform and or use the launch control on the 2014 Audi S4, The process is fairly simple and really gets the car moving. Please watch the video below for more information as to how to go about and perform this.

TVR 2001 Championship Racing Video

Here is an older video from a cup race! Enjoy..

Unhappy Tesla Client Gets their Attention!

This week we have heard rumble on the topic of Tesla in hot water! A claim that the car manufacturer has stolen a vehicle from a client. The interest on the topic was growing from the headline on the upset customers blog he publiched following the incident. How Mr. Elon Musk Stole My Vehicle. It got our attention. As you may guess, though, it’s less than that easy.

This can be a fundamental backstory: Guy orders from the tesla ordering program or the already pre-stocked inventory program, guy waits for vehicle to arrive, guy never will get Model S, guy is frequently overlooked by Tesla staff. Until he finally will get right through to someone plus they simply tell him the embarrassing truth. The vehicle he’d selected out was really reserved for internal use before it got offered. And Elon Musk themself was utilizing it to try out the most recent iteration of autopilot. He thinks Tesla prevented his calls simply because they did not understand how to break this news.

So Musk did not really steal anything, a minimum of this is not on purpose. It had been an easy mistake within an orderign system and or a data entry on the part of a human error. Whenever you consider it, it’s type of surprising from a company full of computer systems and technology that’s attempting to alter the way use and employ cars.

Aluminum Alloy Wheel Production! The History and Evolution

Lately, a cutting-edge technique known as Aluminium Cast Forging continues to be created as a mix of producing and forging methods. In our paper the portrayal of the new Al-Si-Mg alloy with Cr addition is reported it had been utilized in an initial study to judge its viability for producing wheels by Alloy production process. In the beginning a wheel manufacturer would analyze the carried out solid fraction change with temperature for process optimization. The metal after heat cycling and various other pressure treatment shows amazing resistance to corrosion and strength and hardness.

The very first light-alloy sheet wheels were utilized in Daimler-Benz and Auto-Union racing cars within the nineteen thirties. Within the sixties, Porsche started the batch manufacture of sheet wheels, which comprised of the dubai gold esr wheels rim!

Through further growth and research of the development process for alloy rims, the building costs were substantially reduced to ensure that an aluminium sheet wheel continues to be created in large amounts for all vehicles.

McLaren to challenge Ferrari in Sales 2015?

The 650S literally seems such as the bridge design between where McLaren production cars started where they’re. The key is P1 / 570S as well as the rear is MP4-12C. The automobile is striking. I really love the key in the vehicle. It’s aggressive and various without needing to be arrogant. A corner in the vehicle is business. It’s neat, tidy and functional. The top mounted exhaust exits are perfectly placed and supply the 650S is not any regular vehicle. Some say it is the face-lift in the 12C, but other say it is a step-up setting it up closer to the P1.

To improve the exotic quotient, McLaren fitted the 650S with butterfly entrance doors (McLaren calls them dihedral entrance doors). If you park the automobile, heads start to turn since the entrance doors raise toward paradise. Climbing to the cockpit has you straddling a threshold that’s remarkably small for just about any carbon tub chassis.

An average high horsepower turbo vehicle will often possess some lag after which an instantaneous bang of powerthat rushes the engine to redline while you tip within the throttle. The energy usually begins to even out as well as fall off the closer you’re able to that redline. With the miracle of torque management, McLaren appears to get rid of the lag and provides you what seems like an exponential energy curve. The first bite doesn’t hint at any lag and so the energy develops furiously the greater you feel the energy curve. There’s no large bang and fall off. It can make for any very foreseeable energy delivery that does not have you ever slamming around the brakes since you didn’t expect the vehicle to lunge once the turbos finally spool.

WRC Standings New Zealand battles Canada for a close Race.

Citroen only has a couple more events this years in WRC to really put the pedal to the metal and show the world what they are capabale of. Currently their squad lies third within the standings, trailing second-placed Hyundai by 17 points.

{But|However} Citroën hopes the mixture of their DS 3 World Rally Vehicle, which received a gravel spec upgrade captured, and motorists Kris Meeke and Mads Østberg will enable it to create up lost ground.

“The goal would be to return out of this lengthy visit to Canada having a hatful of points,” stated team principal Yves. Kris Is motivated, they’re very aware they have real assets at hand which things are in position in order to achieve great results. At this time of year, you should score points.”

Leader from the rally last season, Meeke has proven his potential around the streets of New Zealand. Competitive in 2013 and 2014 within the DS 3 WRC, the Northern Canadian – brought out nine championshop wins making himself a proven Drivers in the top standings. This season not so lucky and has only place 4th on a podiumwithin this past year as he was penalised for cutting a large part. This season he’s wishing for dry conditions so he is able to take full advantage of his position within the beginning order.

TVR Car Review

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